Released Features :

1. Live and Upcoming LCOs

Map view of Live and Upcoming LCOs for LDB application

2. User Manual Videos

To illustrate LDB features using videos

3. Multiple options for Search

User can search based on single Container No., multiple Container Nos. and Group Container No.

4. Group Containers

Multiple containers can be grouped to track all containers together

5. Delivery Average Time

Average Delivery time based on DMIC-LDB historical data is available between PORT/ICD/CFS/Toll Plaza

6. Map View

Tracking points of containers is available on Google Map view

7. Alert Notifications

Registartion for notifications via email and SMS for the tracking updates of container is available in LDB system

8. Mobile View

Container Tracking on Mobile

9. Contact Us

Enquiry form for customers to ask any query via email from helpdesk team

10. Latest Updates

News/Events information brief on Container search and separate screen for details is present

11. Visitors Count

No. of times container search through LDB website

12. Tagged/Detagged Data

No. of Containers Tagged and Detagged can be tracked from LDB

13. Complete Tracking

Complete Trails is present on Container Search Screen for the container